Music to live by

by Terra Firma Crew

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released September 1, 2008



all rights reserved


Terra Firma Crew Adelaide, Australia

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Track Name: Terra Firma - The Path
2.The Path

It's Terra Firma starting the Path bringing the light,
representing south Australia and certified wise,
keep your eyes to the sky's and ya feet to the ground anda,
make some noise if your loving this sound.

I'm attacking through rapping when i be grabbing mics,
a piece of the action just a fraction of what gets me hype,
i write with a passion giving lashings to crews i dislike,
i might give a bashing if your backstabbing just out of spite,
but on a lighter note, this rhyming blokes down for having fun,
all the rhymes i wrote are my own quotes coming off the tongue,
don't take me for a joke cause i wont tolerate it son,
you sit there and gloat but will you cope when Terra's number one.

Its Raph a.l causing hell, smell the fear when i walk in,
but why do the dedicated heads feel blessed when i roll in,
and begin to get within your frame of mind infect your thought,
kicking rhymes your never heard of before,
it's what i brought, distraught is now your feeling when the Terra Firma attack,
bringing forward all your dealings when the Raph be on the raps,
certified wise be my prize for not being fake,
we taking over with Simplex, Mic lez and Dyems'y on the breaks..

Simplex the orderly ordinarily never the norm,
consider me the eye of the storm, right here to warn,
bring it all on, your ready to go you feeling me yes
I'm bringing the text and whatever i need to help me build these steps,
create the energy eventually enemies end and be entities,
while i endlessly live on to infinity,
but until then I'm a live this dream,
if you love hip hop let us hear you scream.
Track Name: Terra Firma - Free Yourself
3.Free Yourself

Was once waking the past but that was only a taste,
so now were turning the page right here and now what we face,
this ain't just another case of the wrong path in the wrong place,
Mic Lez Terra firma come to set it straight,
don't ever take me as an average man, cos i damage plans
whether it be with thoughts and words or a clenching hand,
don't make no difference when livings my only ambition,
plus spitting lyricism but how many really listen,
how many really missing what i'be saying and don't have a clue,
how many crews are dissing scared of where we'll take this too.

Take this through to a newer level whatever you used to,
loose on an acapella this fella produce truth,
proof no competitor edit records like Sim do,
wax the poetical digital be the signal,
hold your cynicism this collision of writtens on rhythms,
be the original lyricism of,
overworked and underrated and automated audio animal manually moving and breaking,
barriers amatures couldn't even imagine to manage to damage,
spit a tidal recital and wipe out the planet damn it just I'm.

I feel this life that I'm living is unforgiving,
and sin is filling the place where i breath in,
dealing with problem by binging,
affecting people by speaking thinking the words that I've written,
collecting thoughts now I've given.
stop, you feeling this rhythm?
give them direction, infection, new generation no protection,
face yourself wealth rejection, preservation of our section,
from correctional facilities to government ministries,
workers that bored of the industries slowly growing a dynasty.

Theres no time like the present, the rhyme is of the essence,
every line every sentence to your mind with a message,
about surviving life's lessons, and i ain't talking bout weapons,
I'm talking bout moving forward, WHAT? i ain't talking bout stepping, WHERE?
unless it's in the right direction, I'll step with a rhyme,
away from all the lies deception some use to get by,
still choose to deny, my crew will defy your ways any day,
now stay down nothing but the same sound.

Playground bullies in my yard, COP A BEATDOWN!
lay down who you think you are? CLAMP YOUR SPEECH NOW!
each round further than the last, HOW WE LEAD NOW!
we found music who we are, THAT'S THE STREET SOUND!
off our lips like bad habits with scripts with no comparative
burn like Olympic athletes lactic acid its,
have you heard a crew that brings the burner,
true and takes it further who its Terra Firma.

So are you in it for infamy, but finding nothing but misery,
mystery, nah theres a history, stating those true to the category,
so are you with me or at me there ain't no future in rapping,
but evolution of culture, graff scratching and break actions,
subtract factions of those in it just for the fame
so fuck a name and take aim, this title hip hop should claim,
major labels, man they used to constantly diss,
claiming their hunting for hits, but now they running for this.

Running and running and running trying to get away,
my crew will keep on coming up now theres no where to escape,
we keep it all true cause these others leave it fake so understand why we create.

Raise your hands if you know the reasons why?
its the official it's certified.
We keep close to our hearts and lives it's MUSIC TO LIVE BY!
Track Name: Terra Firma - Music to live by
Music To Live By

Music to live by a soundtrack submitted to life,
whether you live right or bound to ominous strife,
protesting a war with placards marching for peace,
or killing for a religion living to die for beliefs.
Music to die for or just song they play at your wake,
to my them cry more reminders of worthy mistakes,
so what you fight for love or passion envy or hate,
this music is our core, gravity to set us in place,
whether an eye for an eye or a score calm a beast,
from jungle communication to the struggle in the streets,
if a picture could conjure a thousands words of human speech,
then a beat could move millions of people onto there feet.
We're born, we live we die, goodbye end of seasons,
but songs out live our lives so why finds beliefs,
in the melody's where upon the music is bound,
where reality transcends into the movement of sound.

When i was a child I'd sing, Music to live by!
Now that I'm grown I'd sing music to die for!

Music to live by the sound of the streets combined in chorus,
as the ticking of the clock on its own would only bore us,
to violence too much silence is harming the harmony,
believing everything we hears a part of everything we see.
Music to die for whether it's war or tragedy a certain tune healing wounds,
of what didn't have to be, though scars will never heal,
some bars can give the will, it all starts with how you feel,
cause it charts don't make it real.
but still, each to their own like bass and treble levels,
for some it's funk or jazz while others it heavy metal,
it's all in the mental playing with your mind stuck on loop,
Terra firma Simbiotic instrumentals be the proof,
you choose, so many tracks that fit any occasion,
uplifting songs to start the day or a lullaby for the days end,
make no mistaking to be a superstar what it's not,
it's about doing what feels right with the only thing I've got.


Music to live by for when your life be falling down the sink,
loose it and you'll cry so it's all you got left you think your on the brink,
so morals fly by like sound waves that ride on past your ears,
use it to stick by your values fuck impressing all your peers??
music to keep real culture intact respecting the past,
loose it and you will for ever be forgotten got in last you,
know they will steal every chance they get behind your back,
they know it's your meal?? you know the deal don't stand for this attack,
music to die for metaphors using for relevance,
now making sense intelligence not relevant living the consequence,
hence the stance Ive taken heaven sent the tools for breaking,
laws society be creating, through this music that we're making,
undertaking the responsibility using the ability choosing to be really be,
revolutionary literally,
so we can all see this culture be full of pride with no lies,
i don't abuse it but choose it cause this music i live by.

Track Name: Terra Firma - One Track Mind
One Track Mind

Simplex certified to wisen others just arriving,
this game is more than just about surviving,
rising up from the street curb grime we researched times,
and each learnt lines where every last word would rhyme,
the evolution of a lyricist is this,
from revolutions of a record to our penmanship,
the degrees three sixty on an inbound spiral,
thirty three and a third rotations on twelve inches of vinyl.
Sign on up for the final call we're about to leave,
our train of thought riding tracks to the land of mcs,
Are we gonna stop? nah man where running express.
Well how do we get on? the conductors Simplex,
so tickets please all mcs and your crews,
if you ain't validated then you ain't paid your dues,
if you ain't paid your dues then your not gonna get on,
if your not gonna get on, ciao cara, so long, goodbye!
I fly no why so i keep my head out of the clouds
and an ear upon the ground and
hearing all the sounds that you week clowns utter
but its all repetition heard before like a....
stereo delay predictability ain't me
it's ability and agility that's builds an mc.
nah drop it.

All aboard no time for lagging,
real heads ride the train the rest band wagons,
A one track mind with four bad habits,
its tagging, breaking, rhyming scratching.

I'm a whole car your a twenty mill posca,
your imposter's I'm the only real by far,
your a pop star I'm a keep it grimy,
beat boxing at a station with a whole crew behind me,
not AM or FM the stations a section of platform,
with faded down spray and a red hen,
and two directions that your able to take,
first your destination second the wrong way.
Go back!
Back to the days when rapping was a faze,
and the stage was any given part of Adelaide,
no myspace hook up no one getting paid,
we'd rock to a beat box before that shit was cliched.
So make way while i turn a new style,
wild since riding red hens back as a child,
never idle simplex express whats vital,
playing chicken with writtens got you victims suicidal,
so i do anything i choose what i want,
move on yeah move from the back to the front,
and keep looking for signs or get left behind,
this is my stop see you later one track mind.

Track Name: Terra Firma - Hold It Wide
Hold it Wide

No where is not a place where im gonna go and hide,
I feel like a freak infront of all these people,
So do i
So do i

Hold it wide, head on high until i die,
uphold my pride, pain that i hide inside,
expel or commit suicide,
living lies, where's the truth,
spitting rhymes in the booth,
affecting lives that choose, breaking laws and living loose,
being a freak too many, many years,
parents shed so many tears, overriding,
plenty fears through many cones and drinking beers,
now I'm here standing ground, on Terra firma making sounds,
underground representations, presentations to those who down till the end,
faith will mend anomalies for normal men,
who know they can, believe in them, ignore all those that guessed again,
learn from the past respect the future but concentrate on the present,
don't contemplate or be hesitant resident time irrelevant,
energies concentrate it, ill fated if you haven't made it,
decisions you stated, wrongly dated, so now you hate it,
laid it to criticism then laid it to lyricism your heading for cataclysms,
listen, I'm certified with wisdom.

No where is not a place where im a gonna go and i,
Fell like a freak infront of all these people so do i,
Keep on a doing all these show or fall down and die,
Im gonna choose my own destiny and hold it wide!

I hold this mic with a tight grip will never slip,
all I'm doing feels right living life that's it,
until the end when depends on circumstances if,
much longer i can hold this pen and guide it,
through a riff, all added up Ive done the maths equal how long I'm breathing,
we're all equal as people despite what you believing,
a change in season wont do it, time for a fresh start,
too busy getting smarts got you missing the best part,
it gets hard dealing with fools with out brawls ain't easy,
this ain't no game there ain't no rules so why you trying to keep me,
down knowing my sound surrounds through meaning I'm not the one dreaming,
I'm seeing people and how there being, from me to you,
your being who, well not yourself,
cause who you want to be you need more than a little help,
from this hand that can with stand all the politics,
when clenches to a fist willing to hit for all your nothingness.


Never no more, never ever let suckers score,
My brow is bleeding steaming from the scars of love and war,
And hard and raw as life is flawed and built around dramatics,
I drag my feet to build defeat and then to leave the static,
Always automatic cause havoc to all these arrgh,
who are breeding bad habits who are living a tragic,
down ward spiral of life who are spiteful,
at people higher than equal and certified insightful,
and wise to don't you know that i analyse you,
battle drills built these skills to annihilate fertilise crews,
I'm might be rude and confused confess simplex the name,
and mane I'm used to this text,
gotta move to the next place a noose round the necks,
of a chosen few oh its you don't you wish you had respect,
and expect whats unexpected now you should be knowing why,
full throttle is the model see ya later i hold it wide.

Track Name: Terra Firma - We Likes To Party
We Likes To Party

Low and behold, my whole soul revolves around my hold,
Of the Microphone or so the story's told,
I'm just another misguided youth, Speaking the the truth,
On what i view, on the day to day city struggle,
We all hustle and bustle to find out where we stand,
But the man, whoever he be has other plans,
but stuff him, there no escaping or elevating his mind state,
So i keep on creating what i make,
And that be the music that you listening to,
So rewind and unwind while i rhyme this on through,
your stereo, Audible for all the fools to follow,
Automatic fanatic grammatical spiels of tomorrow,
No sorrow swallows me whole but i never loose control,
Unless it a weekender bender with my mates and alcohol,
And that the way we do it that's the way its getting done,
Number 1 to Simplex signing out to have fun.

Ladidadi we likes to party,
We cause heaps of trouble we bother everybody,
We're just some men that on the mic,
an when we rock upon the mic we rock the mic "right"

Now this be who, this be Raph under the Terra again,
i follow through with me threats so don't be thinking you can,
even a escape to japan no matter how fast you ran,
you feel the heat on your feet while you beat on the pavement,
cause every corner you turn mental concern follows your steps,
cause I'm certified wise dropping burners like full effect,
your the runs on the piece I'm the highlight the beat fills,
distribution with shogun because they got the best deal,
and they're real representing underground always,
and they never steal like the majors of the sound you play,
all day everyday we practice up and get better,
so don't endeavour to deny that Terra Firma rule the weather,
cause when it rains it pours feel the pain at your doors,
insane now with a cause I'm here to even up the scores,
don't be stepping to this matador you thinking like a corridor,
I've got lateral vision raps to leave the crowd in awe...


Ain't no party like a Terra firma party cause a Terra firma party, wait, stop!
you know the rest the best on mic's Mic lez i pest all night,
sculling pesticide cause all your guests to hide,
i confess i might mess my mind at the best of time,
unless i find the exit sign before i get too blind,
cruel to be kind, but in the right measure,
sculling shots for pleasure wont mess ya it'll get ya feeling better now,
so get on up and run a muck until the sun comes up,
it's late nights that makes life worth living and the rhythm,
giving the vibe certified wisdom's the tribe so listen,
if you like, if your dissing your looking for a fight!
but not this club tonight cause this be the Mic l-e-z,
the serial party pest from drunken mess,
your worst un-invited guest none the less,(bring it on)
lets all party like slick rick and Doug fresh..

Track Name: Terra Firma - Hall Of Fame Ft Percee P
Hall of Fame ft. Percee P

Since the first time, burst mine for probably the worst rhyme,
rehearsed lines conversed signs that only confirmed I'm,
making a start, making a mark, creating not faking the art,
straight from the heart not for the charts, why we've grown apart,
half these crews need to choose, seem confused,
dreams defused from my abuse,i don't see your views,
ain't no joking, take whats spoken as the token,
barely coping, too late thought fate was hitting and hoping,
but ya not close, to get shows, there's highs with alot of lows,
my crews stayed true, but for you it's like what ever goes,
think your the shit, cause what you spit be quick but that ain't it,
it don't fit, hold a flame near your name, watch what your playing with,
Terra and Percee forever worthy to wear the Guernsey, but firstly it concerns me,
no matter what you do that some be dirty that's expected,
never affected, our will intercepted hip hops being dissected to protect it,
the real stay connected

the Hannibal, lyrical lector, cannibal,
patten dissector Percee P the rhyme inspector,
with certified to direct you, you ain't got it but we'll get you,
affect ya sector to make ya, break it to this instigator,
correct and eject the haters,
not concerning me your burning me, turning pain into gain,
I'm stunning mc's your done in I'm coming,
and running the fun and games,
it's Terra firma better learners,
with letter burners like Cope,
i let em turn a hater murmurs,
from rumors, to wrote in quote,
I'll consume ya's like baby tumors,
from drugged baby boomers mind,
i shrugged it off the clue in this,
I'm doing this while writing rhymes,
i stunned many while you conceded,
conceited thought that you needed,
indeed it never exceeded,
pass your plans now you've been succeeded,
now read it cause its in writing,
no biting, feel it inside and,
your finding, nobody fighting illusions,
cause there exciting,
alighting lyrical books,
by combining my pen with matches,
confined in critical hooks,
verse in burning pages to ashes.

Whatever you think it seems to be, erase from your imagery delete it.
dig a ditch within the bitumen and let the streets bleed it,
four elements three decades two syllables one name,
ADL BX connect through one vein.
What is it?
the culture the mind frame the way we speak,
it in our blood connected through the hand shakes when we all meet,
it's the beef with rival crews its the dues we have to pay,
its the cypher on every corner on any given day,
we followed steps from those before us labeled the steps for those to take,
paved the way with deep breaths, beat boxing and over spray,
here to stay and never leave our hearts on sleeves we wear it proud,
its the escape through head phones, so play it loud.
Now understand the fortune that you claim,
its not the gold around your neck, its not your private charted planes,
its not the models in your videos, its the love, the hate, the pain,
its Hip-Hop and its legacy is the hall of fame.
Track Name: Terra Firma - Now's The Time
Now's The Time

Nows the time, Todays the day i took in my hands,
To make a new plan, to make a stand,
and i always knew that i would pay my dues,
and speak what i believe to be true.

Nows the time to move from the old start living the new,
to find warm from the cold and share it with my crew,
i may be broke but I'd still pay the price,
cos today's the first day of the rest of your lives,

Right now, as we speak the seconds keep on ticking,
i ain't racing the clock but I'm not becoming a victim,
or dwelling on the past instead making sure the good times last,
all we need are simple things that ain't to much to ask,
Ive let to much go past, worrying about how times moving fast,
so know Ive chosen my task I'm moving from my past,
and give 100% to living from my heart,
that's how i know today's the day for a fresh start.

Look to the horizon a new day arriving so i keep my soul surviving,
i ain't striving for a little life filled with strife when,
i can apply what you and i should realise and....
this be an often risky road filled full of treachery,
jealously definitely coming from those,
who appose your dreams and codes it seems to slow,
but my belief is released to go,
so let it flow and let it quench the thirst to yearn,
cause you reap what you sow and deserve what you earn,
and with your negativity I'm not concerned,
cause we live and let learn for theres no return.

Now what the fuck do we know nothing but everything,
knowledge all encompassing but hiding out for human beings,
look closer so it be seen the books open and records clean,
so now scope your inner being where information has always been,
from day one, vibrating different frequencies creating,
dimensions be stating, reality the time and date in,
and separating through physical integrating through conciseness,
elevating your vehicle cause in reality just one of us,
eject your mental movies concentrate on whats in front,
contemplate the past and future when the presents what you want,
you cant go back to yesterday and tomorrow you can only hope,
no matter the situation when it comes you learn to cope,
dope crimes and sex teens drinking to excess driving pissed trying to impress,
should be yearning to express these be the years to progress,
problems come don't run address, you don't wont to be turning 30,
then learning to deal with stress.


Since today's the first day of the rest of our lives,
I've made a decision to start living right,
within myself, within the scene, within my health, within my dreams,
the hard times we felt and what they really mean,
is up to me is up to you is up to everyone,
until you see my point of view my job ain't ever done,
and just that thought helps me strive for the next day,
giving the picture clear using words in the best ways,
so open your eyes, then open your minds,
your hoping to find a little peace of mind,
but what it takes is a little more than that,
cause one minute your flying high the next your flat on your back.

Wake up to a new day get it straight, yup,
let it gravitate keep you based in your place, luck,
has a minor stake in the way that you made up,
today it can change even though yesterdays fucked.

Track Name: Terra Firma - Looking Back Ft Kas Solo
Looking Back ft. Kas Solo

It used to be easy now its not
I'm feeling that this world has gotta stop.

Now I'm a take it back like letters that be return to sender,
when the facts and days were better innocent with no agenda,
i don't endeavour to remember December in 77,
but i clearly remember October end of 87,
suite cases full with my family while we stand in rundle mall,
strangers staring and scaring me while parents search for all,
possible places for our first night to sleep in a different city,
now as an adult i look back at mum and dad and feeling pity,
kind of shitty from the inside only now i appreciate,
back then i couldn't calculate or estimate the path of fate,
10 years of age tentative to engage and communicate,
you must assimilate with this culture maturing my mental state,
no speaking English family friends culture left back in Brazil,
opposites of what i learned but combining them is a skill,
year 6 late 89 heard coppers get dissed in rhyme,
motivated me so much in the clutch of researched to find,
information as a student so prudent with observation,
no Internet for education but rappers in compilations,
back then hip hop did compete with dance music in central station,
and the source mag arrived 6 months from its publication,
destination of the movement was unknown but not scared,
only cared when someone dared to ask the size of your Nike air's,
this graffiti folklore making heroes of city kids,
like the front page after the final in Melbourne for jail bids,
this fusion of type of bashing society now mush accept,
the culture that they didn't let it now comes back with intellect,
I've got a family like many with mortgages job and bills,
I'm going bald and getting old but improving my mental skills.


I remember when, All I had to remember then,
two most important things, family and friends,
those who stuck by my side and will to the end,
the ones we lost along the way, I'll always remember them.
sometimes i spend, reminiscing how it used to be,
leaves me wishing i could start reliving,
back to the younger me,
worry free thinking life's just a ride,
no matter what it be, I'd always give it a try,
i cant lie, while growing up i always took the hard way,
still made it to a man but it feels like only yesterday
me and hewitt, name it we'd do it just to get a laugh,
only so much a boy can learn sitting out the class,
time passed, no sign of my behaviour getting better,
seems all i got out of school was just another letter,
to a mother, still wonder how she made it on her own,
giving me a home as well as Adidas Romes,
Reebok pumps, converse to Nike's,
every step i took merely imprints behind me,
at times treading lightly, still wasn't hard to find me,
now Morgans baby steps the imprints that guide me,
into the next day, let's say the best ways,
the way that Ive chosen, well at least that's what I'm hoping,
not for me but for those following my footsteps,
my daughter, my cousins point them right at where i took left,
like the hook says it used to be easy now it's not,
alot of sweating to be getting things this little kid once got,
wanted the lot but really all i need was the basics,
essentials for a life after all it's what you make it.

Track Name: Terra Firma - Sideways

In a day to day rat race I'm trapped in a maze,
colour blind in the spectrum stuck in a purple haze,
I'm a either blind and shine or fall off and fade,
looking for the straight and narrow but I'm travelling sideways.

I delve in the rut I'm more than just stuck,
365 days I'm late but leaps give me 24 to catch up,
pouring in cups depression i sip,
drowning my sorrows till tomorrow making me more ill equipped,
to try to fit the norm and conform to the majority,
opportunity knocks buts its a gamble like the lottery,
luck keeps on mocking me the world is on top of me,
crush kill destroy the stress of this monopoly,
paid my dues but nows its just the rent for my property,
its expenses and bills be a poor mans policy,
harder than smokers arteries even though its a part of me,
healthy is what I'd rather be wealthy is just a luxury,
i made these dollars with a poor mans sense,
not saving for a rainy day so I'm exposed to the elements ,
pedestrian thoughts keep me pacing through this maze,
looking for the straight and narrow but I'm travelling sideways.


It's just a fraction of what it takes to regain traction,
to much relaxing got me living like a Paxton,
so it's time for action no thinking in captions now I'm speaking out,
deleting doubt believing every word that's from our mouths,
all facts i found from the south made ground into town,
fuck where I'm bound I'm only living for right here and now,
and all obstacle's guaranteed there going down,
until I've mastered the art of expression well through this sound,
just how it has to be being me living in the third degree,
turning me burning me eternally every issue that concerning me,
I'm dealing with one by one,
never under done each one of us our chance will come,
through the straight and narrow self guided without an arrow,
to give direction affection will overcome the shallow,
done to the bone and marrow even though trapped in a maze,
i keep on pushing forward but I'm travelling sideways.


Emotions cause confusion, confusions lead to reactions,
illusions bringing conclusions,solutions let interactions,
of responding to your brain for health or material gains,
loosing hope just start again don't put yourself through the pain,
other wise you fall again but just deeper into a spiral,
defeated your feeling stained left your brain thinking denial,
failed the trial for a while did you contemplate your choices,
complicated you hesitated your truest inner voices,
now be wise you should rise above and don't compromise,
cause the prize will surprise and slowly materialise,
being proud is saying sorry even when you think your right,
despite the verbal fights dislikes kill angry nights,
see the future never comes when it arrives its called the present,
many people rant and rave but never do by acting hesitant,
heaven sent your highway find your way and start your day,
shortest way to point a is going straight and not sideways.


Gotta keep on breathing gotta keep on living,
gotta keep on track and face my demons,
gotta keep on shifting my wisdom to life and its pace,
looking for the straight and narrow but I'm travelling sideways.
Track Name: Terra Firma - Trouble

Dream about a destiny never did i wake to find the rest of the,
human population creating a world that's built for me,
that's lunacy that's true to me but false for some,
but its still my decision to figure the outcome,
cant out run problems but i could dodge them for a while,
but that relief was short lived cause they caught up and just compiled,
a lonely child transformation to a lonely man,
so when confrontations arrised i faced them with clenched hands,
i understand nothing but whats above me in the sky,
that's why i keep my head up and never let up always rise,
constant elevation to the power of infinity,
never been good with numbers but i count on my ability,
to be able to write read it and then recite,
practice every night spit up on the mic,
keeping the whole crowd hype doing all this to despite,
the negative energy from enemies with envious eyes.
but still...

Gotta lot of trouble that's inside my mind,
gotta dig into this rumble that's built up through time,
gotta re-build my actions so i can easily breathe again!

so i believe to relieve i need to bleed through pens.

I guess its just the way it is,in this life that we be living,
sometimes i stop believing, not blind but hardly seeing,
my minds just not receiving, cant find a change through seasons,
but i ain't leaving,
without the reason i was given the gift to uplift through words and rhyme,
that's why I'm kicking this shit give you a piece of my mind,
highly defined, with lyrical over dope beats is critical,
mic lez an individual, that's known to get physical,
on stage, at any show that we play,
it's the way we use these mics to change your day,
cause what we say be a mirror that's reflecting the truth,
not neglecting the proof, then infecting the youth,
with hollow words, as you follow in herds like sheep,
just swallow nerves to overcome your fears and leap,
to higher grounds, rhyming sounds that's filled with wisdom,
cause one day if you write it, then that's the day they'll listen.
but still...


In trouble cause i stayed up, late up, when i wake up, hey wait up!
bus driver turned around said see ya later,
take up a new approach i call the cab up come get me,
fucked up I'm in trouble again cause i forgot to bring the fee,
and so i flee on my feet, life's problems refuse to meet,
complications in situations is the game that you must beat,
too many troubles to stomp on, stand strong last and carry on,
so run along and pack your bong rejoice to terras trouble song,
for every hand that god giveth the devil taketh by by rite,
see spirits battle through the night result of knowledge apple bites,
in trouble when i drive fast the cops never ride past,
in life I'm so half assed and outclassed by the rich class,
i fuss about nothing therefore i got nothing to say,
but see don't push me on an issue he might get too carried away,
you see the game of life happens so you experience the pain,
plain and simple so you gain the knowledge not to try again!

Track Name: Terra Firma - Feedback

Let it feedback

so everything that we put into words you best,
you best believe that, even if the truth does hurt.

Let it be said.
Within the search you may uncover a find,
that will change and rearrange the way you working your mind.
Let it be spoken.
Through mouths of youths all towns and crews,
who found the truth through peoples point of views.
Its all in your head.
So define whats real till you find what feels,
in line from what you want from life and build.
Its out in the open.
free to breath from trees to seas then moves like breeze,
determines what you believe.
We woke up the dead.
So the past could rest so at last the stress,
Is gone for the time being and we're on to the next.
They way that we've chosen.
To use these Mics, bring new news to light,
refuse to bite but still groove all night.
The life that we led.
Ups and downs be the cycle of sounds,
such is life, day and night as we searched till we found.
Has now awoken.
Sleeping minds when we're speaking rhymes,
let it feed back through the grapevine and inter wind.

Let it be said. Let it be spoken.
Its all in your head. Its out in the open.
We woke up the dead. They way that we've chosen.
The life that we led. Has now awoken.

From a deep slumber through the summer i was burning in pain,
Till the winter winds came drenching me with the rain,
It cleansed my soul, i took control and found my goals,
rearranged all my aims moving on from the old,
With a new start, new mind, new life, new line,
the only thing i cant control is the time.
Out with the old me, old you, old we, old news,
I'm moving on that's the track that i choose.

so everything that we put into words you best,
you best believe that, even if the truth does hurt

Let it feedback...